‘Pakistan behind Pushtoon leader’s killing’

The Pakistani thinking ability agency, Inter Services intelligence, Was critical in getting Pushtoon leader Abdul Haq killed by the Taleban, The Afghan n. Alliance ambassador to India, Masood Khalili, assumed on Friday. But he Cheap Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys Color Rush was hounded and slain by the militia, Who had prior concerning his movements.

Khalili also said that it has no such thing as a “reasonable” throwback nba jerseys Taleban.

“It was Abdul Haq’s belief that had been ‘moderate’ Taleban that lead to his death, he said.

Efforts to split the Taleban have so far proved not easy. The fate of one other Pushtoon leader, cash taken, Who had slid into Afghanistan ensuring a defection in the Taleban ranks, Is uncertain.

Although Pakistan supports usa led war against terrorism, It has booking about the anti Taleban Northern Alliance, Which is held up by India, russia, Tajikistan and thus Iran.

But the Americans don’t take on Pakistan seriously and continue to help the Northern Alliance, Khalili agreed.

Pakistan Foreign Minister Abdul Sattar had said that military assistance to Northern Alliance would be a occur.

“If the Americans had taken Pakistan critically, they will not have helped the Northern Alliance. We have excellent cooperation in the same room and our common enemy is terrorism, Khalili added.

in the mean Wholesale Jerseys time, Certain Pakistani religious parties have given a call for jihad against the US and hundreds of their followers have rushed to fight as well as Taleban.

Khalili considered that it would not only prolong the war, But also lead to greater associated with deaths.

“The reinforcements will first strengthen the Taleban. will help you the militia and its mentors to stay longer than expected. But within the, you will hear more casualties on their side and more dead bodies will be taken back to Pakistan, he said.

“The Taleban and Osama bin Laden will definitely be defeated. We be patient, Khalili agreed.

talking about the nature of a post Taleban government, Khalili ruled out any interference by external powers. “We consider the future government of Afghanistan should be decided by the Afghans.