Accident Prevention

According to the World Health Organization nba jerseys from china bus for sale texas (WHO), cheap sport jerseys from china travellers are more likely to be killed through accidental injury or cheap jersey mall violence than by infectious diseases.Try to find out as much as possible about the availability and standard of medical treatment/facilities in intended areas of travel.Ensure travel insurance includes cover for accidents, emergency medical treatment and repatriation. Always declare any underlying medical conditions that you may have and any medications (including over the counter) that you take, to your travel insurer. For further information on travel insurance please refer to the Travel Insurance advice sheet.Take a photocopy of passport and/or other important documents such as travel tickets and consider storing details online using a secure data storage site.Tell a trusted person your intended itinerary; give them your contact details and insurance policy details.Low and middle income countries have the highest rates of RTAs; if possible avoid driving in these countries.Always wear a seatbelt and where possible sit in the rear of the vehicle.Only ride in marked taxis, hire drivers familiar with the local area and where possible, agree fares in advance.Find out the road rules, traffic regulations, vehicle maintenance requirements and the condition of roads of country(s) you intend to drive in. in some countries drivers may not observe official crossings or traffic signals.Remain vigilant; avoid driving after consuming alcohol or when tired or stressed, avoid driving on unlit roads and pay particular attention when driving on the opposite side of the road to your country of residence.Before hiring a vehicle check the condition of the tyres (including spare), lights, breaks and seatbelts to try and ensure it is road worthy. Make sure you are appropriately insured and carry your home driving license alongside license required by destination country.RTAs involving motorcycles and mopeds are common; avoid using these modes of transport if possible, particularly if you are unaccustomed to driving them. Ensure safety helmets are used if you decide to use these modes of transport. If you do hire a motorcycle or moped, additional insurance may be cheap authentic sports jerseys needed to cover for accidents.Swimming and DivingRecreational use of water can have positive effects on health such as exercise and relaxation; however, various hazards are also associated with recreational water use.Travellers should be aware of the potential risks associated replica jerseys with the recreational use of water; taking sensible precautions will lead to overall risk reduction.Check local warnings about weather conditions and tides.Be aware of dangerous rip currents and strong tides.Avoid swimming near or diving from rocks, piers, breakwaters or coral.Be aware of venomous aquatic animals such as jellyfish, sea anemones and other invertebrate aquatic species.Be aware of potential disease vectors such as fresh water snails which harbour the parasite that causes schistosomiasis.